Monday, March 15, 2010

++++++++++++++++++ Flight of the Valkerie +++++++++++++++

Yo, hope everyone is well,

Today I got some crummy pics
of the exterior of the Valkerie nice and mostly assembled



Couple also not too great photos of the cockpit,
I used Empire Flagellant Heads and torsoes for the pilots.
The Empire Flagellant box set is a crucial component of
my Cultist/ Traitor Guard's look.



As far as the theme is concerned, well
I am actually a little foggy on it
but as I make the models I think it will come together.

Basically something along the lines of
on an Imperial backwater forge world
which is near some type of warp rift/vortex

Obviously, that proximity has slowly
'tainted the guardsmen stationed there
and also I think a TechPriest is involved,
mainly because I just got the FW Titan TechPriest
and I want to slightly convert him towards Chaos,

Like the rest of the force I just want them all to be slightly off
just a little closer towards the 'taint
not full bore mutants or anything... yet.

...oh and also dinosaurs, I want dinosaurs
Used like beasts of burden, probably pulling
the ordinance batteries behind them

But not sure on the rough riders though,
not sure whether or not they're worth the points?

Anyway Here's a peak at my Company Commander,
to give you a bit more of an idea were I'm heading.


^^^possibly a Straken 'counts as'^^^

-more better pics in the next couple of days


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