Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Hashshashian 113th

Well I'm back after a short break, this last week has been crazy and the camera battery has seemed to have gone awol on me so I'm stuck posting a few pics I took right before.

Again this is the leader of my traitor guard army and will likely play as a Straken 'counts as.' He and his crew will be flying the friendly skies in the Valkyrie you've seen in pictures previously,

I've made some more progress on the Valk and also this guy and his command squad but you'll have to wait for the camera battery to return, oh well, so sorry.

Here's some pics:





Next post I'll go back to the Valkyrie and breakdown the colors on the interior and hopfully post up some fresh pics of what I've gotten done since the camera fiasco, till next time...


  1. He certainly looks evil enough...

  2. Thanks, for saying so

    I want them to look pretty freaky, Hoping to get some pic s of the rest of the command sqaud up soon, having settled on a 'medic' yet though, want him to be somewhat freakish...


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