Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello and welcome to the Buddy Times!

So welcome all,
This is the second attempt at launching my blog here. I'm hoping to have some of my other Buddys also post on here to keep it fresh and get some variety.

To start off with I'm the Hashshashin, and I'll likely do the Lion's share of the blogging.

I'm currently about to start a traitor (not Bloodpact) guard army, so that's what many of these first post will be about as well, although I do have some other projects on the side and back burners, so hopefully I can show guys some of this stuff too.

So to start off I'll just throw up some pics of a Valkyrie I'm working on.


Painting interior so I can finish gluing together exterior.



I'm going to try to do a little salt mask on this area and spray some hazard stripes over, interested to see what the effect comes off as.

Till next time, Cheers

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