Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello everyone,

So gotten some more progress on the interior of the Valk done, and also got most of the exterior done as well, now I just need to figure how to get the weapons to be interchangeable between the Valk options and the Vendetta, I've got some ideas with magnets but we'll have to see what happens in reality not just my baseless speculation.

buddy times

So I weathered up the interior a painted up all the little buttons switched and lights on the walls, etc.
buddy times

buddy times

buddy times

Worked on the floor a bit as well, I will likely put some weathering powders inside as well, but I noticed you can assemble the entire model and never glue the roof on so I am dong that. This allows me to use door gunners or not, as well as ease of seeing the interior as well.

(I ended up taking that salt off the ramp, I can always do tha effect later, I just didn't wasnt to have to deal the spray gun yet, so maybe later)


Finally I also started working on one of my Command squads but I'll post pics of them next time.

Until then,

Smoke Blood for the Blood God

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  1. That's really good work mate, any chance of a walk through on the colours you used.


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