Sunday, May 23, 2010

Knocking the Dust Off

Hello Interwebs,

Long time no talk but I'm bck, I love you baby, I won't leave you again, at least not for long... After a short bender I've recovered and am back...Just kidding,

I've been super busy with real life business and baby-time business.

Even in the absence of posting to the blog I haver been getting my hobby on, just in private, like my basement private.

Well having been thinking about my Traitor guard project I came up with some more fluff for my crew and it also included a great modelling opportunity as well.

Looking at Straken's rules-set it occurred to me that he basically has a Marine stat-line, give or take a couple numbers here and there. This realization coupled with my like of True-scale marines made me want to build a Fallen Dark Angel I've been mentally planning for awhile. So without further buildup I present my latest project still a WIP as far as some of the detal painting is concerned:

So he's made with:

So C&C are welcome, hope everyone likes it and I'll try to get the finished pics up when I'm done.

And on a side note my gaming group has been kicking names around for our crew and one thats been presented is "Shock-Hammer" and I kinda like it, so if anyone wants please give feedback on that as well.

Till next time,


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