Wednesday, January 9, 2013

++ Purple Rain: Bike Blog #1 ++

Hello Buddys,

As I have told you I got this sweet, sweet machine in the begining of the fall and thought I would share it's transformation with everyone as I build her to be the bike I have always wanted. 

This is my good Friend, the Rupakaya, helping me pull the old tailpipes off

So getting her up to Stage 1 was an important step. What that means is getting more air flowing out the back and more air sucking into the engine as well. By increasing the airflow through the engine, the horsepower is increased. This takes two steps, one is new pipes and/or baffles, and a new air cleaner. So I decided to go with some Paughco drag pipes, with the gooseneck at the ends. These bad boys are un-muffled and pretty loud.

Here she is without the pipes on her

In addition to taking the old pipes off and replacing them with the drag pipes I also decided to go for the fiberglass tape wrap over the pipes as well. This serves two functions of keeping myelf from burning my leg or my passenger's leg while riding as well increasing the heat inside the pipes which pulls more air through the engine (also increasing the horsepower).

Here she is next to her friends and sporting her newly wrapped Drag Pipes

So there she is, and I have also just recently replaced the air cleaner and that will be my next post about the bike, so stay tuned. To see what she looks like with the full Stage 1 treatment...

A little front shot so you can see how it looks 

Let me know if the bike s an interesting thing for anyone, I love it and am happy to share all of my hobbies here on the Buddy Times, especially if it is interesting to people. Till next time, Cheers

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