Saturday, January 5, 2013

++ The Angels Have Fallen ++

Hello Buddys,

     so just a quick post o share with you the vids that GW posted in regards to the new Dark Angels stuff.

Firstly, the DeathWing:

Then the RavenWing and the new vehicles:

Overall I am liking most everything seen so far, with the exception of the weird Land Speeder thingy. I know it's functioning on some type of anti-grav technology but it just looks too bulky for its dinky little wing thingys... That's even by Land Speeder standards and they already have dinky little wings, but it is what it is.

Good to see this guy back

The other loser in this equation IMHO is Belial. Maybe he will look better in person but it seems like you could make a much tougher looking Belial just from the new DW kit but I will have to see him in person to make the final call on it.

Pretty Sweet new artwork

So far this release has actually gotten me a bit excited about 40k for the first time since the launch of 6ed. I am hoping that the excitement continues and I can actually get some hobby traction going on expanding my DA army and maybe even making them an army capable of winning without just running TH/SS termies by the dozens (which myself have never done but it was something that was pretty tough for a minute after the big FAQ came out awhile back).

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and enjoy your new White Dwarfs and lets hope GW can bring out a good dex with some fun options that is not too OTT.


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