Thursday, January 3, 2013

++ New Year: new Bloggery ++

Hello all you Buddys out there!

So firstly happy new year! Hope this year kicks last year's @ss because 2012 was a harsh mistress to yours truly...

     Now that that's outta the way we can look at what I have been thinking and doing, clearly keeping the blog updated has not been one of them. Well for starters my hobby has almost completely fallen by the wayside, but I have been feeling that mid-winter's itch to start-up again, and oh what do ya know a new Dark Angels Codex is right around the corner. That is good because the Chaos Dex and new models did not really make me that excited and in fact I was so underwhelmed by the dino-bots that I completely abstained from any purchases in regards to the new Chaos stuff.

     Unfortunately the 3.5 Chaos Dex basically ruined me from liking anything to come out for Chaos in nearly a decade, but since my DA army has never been a good performer and my main draw is the models and the DeathWing, this new book looks like just what the doctor ordered for me. I mean now I can run extra cool DW termies with my regular termies!

Also on a another note, this ^^^ right here has been my current hobby. This is my brand-new-second-hand bike, its 1200 cc Sportster by Harley Davidson. I have been ridin almost every day since I got her and loving my machine... like mechanicum level love for this machine. So in addition to my 40k content I am hoping to add some bike stuff as well as other non-hobby stuff like more movie and show reviews/previews t the blog content for all to enjoy (hopefully).

On that note here's an awesome looking trailer for all you buddys out there:

Lets hope this new year brings good things for all and I will see you guys on the flipside!


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