Friday, January 18, 2013

++ Bike Blog 2: Stage One Complete ++

Hello Buddys,

So my Stage one conversion is complete! I just added this new air cleaner made by Arlen Ness. It's called the 'Big Sucker" and I know why, when you fire up the bike it is audible in its 'sucking' sound.

 It seems to have also increased the overall volume of the bike and the fact that is essentially an open air intake straight to the engine allows air to just suck freely through it and straight out the back of my un-muffled drag pipes. This makes Purple Rain Thunder like a Milwaukee rainstorm! They say Loud pipes, save lives and hopefully these will keep me alive longer, and make cagers see me when I am on the road!

It has increased performance by a noticeable margin and I think it looks way nicer then the stock sportster air cleaner. Overall I am diggin my new found Horse Power and loving the new look of my baby.

Till Next Time, Cheers

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