Thursday, July 29, 2010

+Ride of the Valkyrie+ WIP 2: exterior painting begins

Welcome back to the buddy times, Buddys,

It's nice to see you and welcome to the Buddy Nation. Today we're gonna take a look at another model I'm working on. Clearly my modelling ADD is in full effect lately but hey I'm gonna go with it.

So today we're going to look at Eligos' personal aerial transport the Vendetta Gun Ship

This model is at a similiar stage to the DW LandRaider from yesterday, in fact I'll probably do most of the weathering of these two together, I mean they are semi-realted, Eligos being a Heresy era fallen and the DeathWing's mission being to find and redeem (aka torture alot) him, so that's nice...

Achieved the wing and sword motifs by spraying Mechrite red blotches onto the areas I knew art would go and then stippled Blood red patches over that to give it a layered and blotchy look. Then I used Art Masking Fluid to mask off the wings sword etc. Next step black spray paint, and then peel away masking fluid and viola!

Added some magnets to the rear hatch and roof sections and haven't gone back and painted them yet, so ignore those two shiny disks ;)

And finally in an overdue response to Col. Cobane I will list the colors and steps in the interior of the Valkyrie:
I} White base coat then covered with a highly diluted Graveyard Earth.

II} Devlon mud wash applied heavy and splotchy all over every surface (floor, walls, etc)
III} Sponge weathered the whole surface, paying extra attention to the areas that would see more wear and tear like the center of the floors versus the edges, scratches along the doors were they slide open, etc.

IV} Painted all the doo-hickies red and blue and green added some very slight highlights as well.

V} Sprayed the whole thing gloss varnish

VI} Further weathering done using a pencil... Yes a pencil they totally rock and give the most realistic Metal sheen I ever seen, I use them alot on metal (and also treads) and sometimes I will go back over a sponged place and draw in some deeper scratches using the pencil to illistrate some exposed metal showing through.

I think thats all for now, hope everyone's well. C&C always welcome, please.


Smoke Blood for the Blood God

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