Friday, July 30, 2010

+Incoming+ Amazing new FW releases

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Was pleasantly surprised to see the newest FW newsletter in my inbox this A.M.

The first of our new Space Marine armour sets is this fantastic MkIII Armour Set sculpted by Will Hayes. The full resin kit provides enough parts to build 5 Space Marines in MkIII 'Iron' Armour, including two different sets of legs, shoulder pads, arms, torsos and helmets. You can see these here, along with a gallery of photos showing examples of how these brilliant parts can be combined with plastic Space Marine kits.

The MkIII 'Iron' Armour is a variant of the previous 'Crusade' pattern adapted with additional armour plates to the front, as well as a reinforced helmet faceplate and strengthened vambraces for the savage firefights of fleet- basedboarding actions. This extra armour turns an already resilient Marine into an almost unstoppable juggernaut within the cramped confines of a ship. This detailed kit can be pre-ordered for despatch in the week commencing August 23rd.

And that's not all, they are also releasing old skool bolters and special weapons packs. Looks like they are planning some type of boarding actions IA: type book based on some of the other new releases (boarding thingy esp) as well, but these parts are going to totally fuel the already avid pre-heresy crowd, which I say is great!

Well just a quick news flash here, so have a good one.



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