Saturday, July 31, 2010

+behind the scenes+ Re organizing the man-cave

Hello to all the Buddys out there....If there are any...

So over the past few days I started re-organizing the man-cave/dungeon were I spend probably a 1/4 of my waking life in. During this process I started to re-organize my 'bitz box.' At some point I don't know exactly when but my bits box went from like a baggy, to the little orange fastner thingy you see on top of the red tool box and eventually somehow through my hobby addiction it now fills that whole tool box plus :D

Not sure how but slowly over time that thing just kept collecting more and more bits, a friend decided to download a ton of stuff and I ended up with the lot, I went ahead and bought a Ravenwing Squadron even though I really only needed like three bikes because it's such a value, and so on.

I'm starting to see the slow transformation from a totally sane 'normal' person into a cravy train model guy or even some like this guy:


At some point this guy decided it was better to hand bake every single Tile and Brick in that huge frickkin model. Ok, yeah that sounds great... How long did it take, only 30 years!

What is the difference between our community and this guy? Is there one? Does that even matter?

Is it the social element? The competitive element? Why are some people, even more of the model orientyed folks in our community, not locked in our shed for thirty years making models and not showing them off?


Ps. I think that model is a total crazy achievement and I am not trying to sound mean in any way, when I saw that it blew my mind. Check out the links under guy to see more.


  1. Hello, John Henry here, Correspondent for The Buddy Times. Regarding the issues you brought up. It's a dork thing. There's two kinds of people in this world; Dorks and Boring People. Dorks love their thing, whatever it is (Star Trek, 40K, historical models, and here's the big one...sports. Yup that's right every screaming sports fan you know is a total dork for their team. And then boring people are just that, boring. Dork on my friend.

    Ps. is that Versailles that dude is building?
    pps. stay tuned for my upcoming World War II blog here on The Buddy Times.

    John Henry out

  2. It's Herod Temple in Jerusalem, it's like 1/100 scale or something crazy, and he;s hand making everything from the individual tiny tiles to hand sculpting and painting each TINY little figure.

    Good point on the Dork action though even video games (like sports) have become a totally dorky thing that's completely accepted by society as a whole. Maybe Someday table top games could acheive that samer status... but probably not.


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