Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DW Side-Track

Hello Inter-tubes,

Now that I am having a bit more free time I will hopefully be updatine the blog more regularly, After dropping my Fallen Angel the other day I though I'd follow up with some DeathWing goodness. (Sorry about the poor quality pics, I will be working with my baby's momma ;) , who is a photographer to help me soon in improving the quality)

^^Here's the 1850 family shot with a few WIP's mixed in (banners & LandRaider's mainly)

But the real point of this post is the MkIIb LandRaider, have always wanted the FW one but since I already have 2 DW LR's, One Chaos LR, and a fourth still in the box, I haven't been able to justify the purchase. But I did decide to make one using plasticard, and bits, here it is:

Still need to fill the gaps around the front plates, but...C&C welcome, please.

It was built using:

Well since I'm on a limited schedule I'll be focusing my painting on finishing up this army, so the next few posts will likely be this but I do want to get a group shot of the Hashshashinian 113th in a group format soon as well.


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