Saturday, January 1, 2011

+WIP IT: Traitor Guard Models with paint on them+

Happy New Year Tube Heads,

Hope you'ree al home safe after a long night of debachery.

Anyway thought I would throw up a little WIP IT shot of my paint scheme. I know its been awhile since I posted my first test mini shots and the color scheme has changed a bit. It's more contrasty (in comparision to the old version) and uses a couple more colors. These are in no way close to finished but I wanted to show the colors of the armour, the fatigues and the boots.

I think its still a bit hard to make some of the color I boosted the contrast to help but its only a close approximation. I used the airbrush to spray the first colors onto the whole model which was black and black grey from Vallejo Model Air range, then I brushed onto the armour plates Charadon Granite and washed the boots, belt or anything leather as well as the Lasgun with a heavy Badab Black washes, 2 or 3 layers depending. Used the heavy washes to still keep the highlight/shadows the airbrush creted ut wanted those leather pieces of kit to be much darker so using the wash as a glaze I think acheived that effect.

And finally you can see I sloppy and quickly added the first line highlight onto the carapace armour, which will get another lighter strip of highlight ontop probably straight codex grey, this first one is 2-1 Charadon Grantie with Codex Grey (I dilute all my paints with Flo-aid-water, the mix ratio is just for the paint)

Let me know what you guys think so far I think I'mm finally on the right path, but let me know I am going to try and get some color on their skin soon-ish so I will keep the updates rolling.


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  1. Ah,you tricked me Mr. Hashshashin! I thought I was going to see actually painted models :P

    I think the colour gradation is too subtle to show on the pictures. I can see what you are trying to do there though, I am trying to do the same thing with my Blood Angels!


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