Sunday, January 2, 2011

+Completed Guardsmen: take two+

Hey everyone back again, again

So I dug out some lights I had out in the shed and took a couple more pics, I have also adjusted the expose and some other settings to try and make it look the closest to real life. The problem with the color scheme I'm working on is that the colors are very similar to one another but are distinctly different from one another. Just now when I was taking this last batch of pics I had the thought that this is almost like a Boba Fett quality to their armour, but darker then his.

Anyways as always thanks for checking the Buddy Times


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  1. I would say that my comments on the previous post still apply. I can see more tone variation now with the brighter lights but still they are too similar in my opinion. If that's what you are going for then it's cool but I would personally do it a bit different :)


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