Sunday, January 2, 2011

+First Guardsmen: mostly complete+

Hello Tubes,

Alright Anti-pope here's a painted model for your personal amusement. No really I'm ust kidding, after I posted the last pics I realized I wasn't actually showing much, so I just banged this dude out and here he is my first actually 'complete(minus little clean-up on the face and painting the base the rest of the way)' Guardsmen. He's been awhile in the making but I feel like I have it worked out so they should fly pretty quick. I am trying to keep quality and ambience up while keeping time to actually paint them down.

The things I have added/completed since last post:
Armour has been second stage highlighted and battle damaged
I did the skin tones trying to stay in that sickly off white color
and I gave them a little red triangle to make them match the tanks better.

Anyway I hope the color is a little more visible on these models and would love more c&C thanks everyone again.




  1. Gee, thanks :)
    I have to say, I like the skin tone, especially the face. It looks sickly and pallid, the way a follower of chaos should be.

    However I am not sure about the rest of the model. I understand that you want to keep a dark overall scheme on the guy but I cannot see any variation of tone between the different parts of the miniature. To me they look almost all the same. There is nothing to break up the evenness of the colours and something to distinguish the various surfaces. Even the base looks similar to the rest of the model. Sorry if this sounds harsh but this is what I think. Maybe it's because I am looking at it through a computer screen of course.

  2. It looks great, but I think the Antipope is right, it's hard to see much detail because of the one-tone scheme.

    Is it because of the lighting in the pic?

  3. Yeah thanks guys, I just posted another set of pocs, I think you can make out way more detail, it's still tough, but the images are pretty beefy so if you expand them I think they look much better. and I also had painted the base since I took these new ones.

    thanks guys


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