Saturday, May 19, 2012

++ Robots & Girlys: Part 2 ++

Hello Every-buddy,

Another installment of Buddy Times, excellent!
Above as you can see I have begun putting together the Soda Pop Mini One Shot and Fritz into sub-assemblies for painting. This model for having so manu components and weird pieces actually went together really easily and cleaned up nice and quick.

I went all out on the bases for these guys because they are really more for looking at then for gaming. I always like big bases but I usually try to keep the debris inside the edge of the base...  Not with this chick, her base is B2tWallz!

Here's the little buddy Fritz, I really like this guy and he is tiny.

 Here's the overview of the various sub-assemblies:

the girl herself, one piece

the base

Fritz on his base

The Mecha: Legs, Arm, gun+arm, cockpit

Here's the overview of the dry fit. The long left arm is not attached but overall this is the finished product before paint.

Well overall I think this mini is sweet and a nice kit altogether, a bit pricey for its pettiteness but well worth it for uber-geeks who can appriciate awesome mini-art.

until next time, keep it mellow, buddys

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