Wednesday, May 23, 2012

++ Epic Score! ++

Hey Buddys,

... Yes pun intended, and by that I mean the other week I was cruising the local-ish mall found an interesting discovery. The mall game store moved its warehouse and brought in a bunch of old and rare games that were still in deep dark recesses of the warehouse. Amongst these items I found this awesome score:

Still sealed, new in box Epic box from the first edition. Man this thing is got all the great and cheese-ball art I grew up on. I have not opened the box and actually think I will plop it on ebay because starting another game system is just not a good idea for me at the moment.

Here's te pics of the box contents... I don't play epic but this seems like a boatload of models, and for multiple armies. I always wished I had this game when it came out but I think this thing should probably just go to a good home that can really appreciate that brand new feel so such an awesome old-skool model kit.

So check my ebay page to make this bad boy your own, and either way I was glad I could share a piece of our hobby's heritage!

+ Cheers Buddys +

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  1. Pop over to Ninjabread( and ask Mr. Curis if he's interested, he has a thing for Squats.


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