Saturday, November 8, 2014

++ Renegade IG are back on the work-bench! ++

Hello Buddys!

Long time no talk, I know...

But I am back and am beginning new work on my renegade IG (now AM)...

The old concept of having a 'counts as' Straken who is depicted as a true-scale marine has now been supplanted by my new concept which is to ally in Cypher and his Chosen CSM formation, and model them all as true-scale marines. A little ambitious but his formation is only 1-3 units and of course making Cypher in true-scale form will be the crowning hobby achievement of the rest of the project.

But just to share with you all a couple new true-scale WIPs:

 photo imagejpg2.jpg

 photo 4cfc24b5-dc93-4ec4-9a49-38a2fdb64e37.jpg

 photo e1dd02cc-8acd-4565-9180-538e119725b3.jpg

 photo b5368bb6-13bf-4a0d-97a3-1c06c18a3475.jpg

I will try and get some more/better pics up soon, but thanks for looking!


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