Sunday, July 22, 2012

++ A Little Fun Dance... ++

... To make up for all the crazyness thats been going on lately. I live in Colorado so this whole Batman shooting thing is a bit vivd for me. Even though I was not in Aurora it's only like 30 mins from here, and my roommate's mom even called to make sure he didn't get shot, knowing that he was at a Batman somewhere in the state (which he was). Anyway my point is that just because some Fricking Psycho decided to shit the punch bowl (to put it lightly) and instead after realizing he was a hopeless loser and just offing himself (like a real warrior). He decided to attack a bunch of civilians who wanted to feast in the greatness that is one of the last communal events in our pop-culture-world-system, the opening night movie. So screw that guy, and I hope for only stiff punishment and relief for the victims of this tragedy...

To help lighten the mood I though t I would share this great vid of an Australian Hurdle jumper, it is frickin' sweet! Enjoy:

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