Monday, May 28, 2012

++ My Epic Score about to be someone else's! ++

So just wanted to drop a quick line to say my Epic War Hordes Enay auction is about to end... Just wanted to let everyone know becuase this is such a cool once in lifetime find, who ever wins thing it'll be like Christmas (or hannukah) circa '92... Anyways check it here: Smitty.720 Also just wanted to say thanks on this memroial day to all those who have fought, and died for our country... Without you guys I coud not be sitting in safety of my home writing this write now. I may not always agree with our policy or the direction our country goes, but the soldiers who risk it all for us cannot be thanked enough. So cheers to all the warriors out there and cheers to all the warriors that are not with us, I raise my Morning Pint of Beer to You All! Happy Memorial Day Buddys!

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